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Wednesday, June 03 2015 @ 06:19 AM GMT+5

$32,376 Awarded to Area Groups

Grants were awarded to 18 area organizations recently at Musco Lighting, our partner in philanthropy and granting program sponsor. The grants from the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine are made available by the Muscatine County Endowment Re-granting Program. Grants awarded in January:

Bethany for Children & Families - $500 to replace aging computers in the agency's Muscatine office with laptop computers
Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre - $500 to remount a production into a community puppet and dance performance
Muscatine County Arts Council - $850 for the People's Choice Awards for Muscatine Mosaic III Project
Letts Library & Community Center - $1000 for funding of furniture in the new building
McKinley Elementary School - $1000 to purchase xylophones
Musser Public Library - $1000 for the Mexican Folkloric Dance Co. and programing for "The Story of Chocolate"
Muscatine History & Industry Center - $1200 for security system upgrade and complete a web content management system
Weed Park Zoo Garden - $1500 to assist with the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the Zoo Garden
Muscatine Boxing Team - $1500 to purchase a self-contained boxing ring for the new facility
Muscatine Community Y - $2000 to replace the stationary pool lift with a portable lift
Civil War Memorial - $2500 for the Muscatine County Civil War Memorial
Muscatine Center for Non-Profits - $2500 to fund the priority needs for the Non-profit Center
Family Resources - New Beginnings - $2500 to assist 2 families with relocating and housing-related support
West Liberty Community Schools - $5000 to construct a multifunctional safe room that doubles as a weight/wrestling room
Muscatine County Housing Cluster - $5000 for housing-related support to low income residents of Muscatine County
Special Olympics of Muscatine - $2188 for one-year support for a part-time staff person

Grant from the George Millett Fund for those with mental disabilities for benefits they would not otherwise have:
Special Olympics of Muscatine - $1438 for one-year support for a part-time staff person

Grant from the Lois Walters Endowment Fund to encourage volunteers & volunteerism:
Chamber/Leadership Muscatine - $200 for a partial scholarship for a nonprofit organization employee to participate in the Leadership Muscatine Program

The Granting Committee of the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine is comprised of board representatives and community members who review and evaluate the grant applications. The Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. For more information about applying for a grant or establishing your own fund for granting purposes, call Judi Holdorf or Linda Bachus at 563-264-3863.

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