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Welcome to The Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine
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What We Do

A community foundation is a collection of individual charitable funds and resources in a permanent endowment that enhance and support the quality of life in a community through grants, scholarships, gifts and awards.
  • It is tax-exempt and can receive gifts from individuals, corporations, and other organizations.
  • Income from the endowment is used to make grants to projects and organizations that benefit the community. A community foundation helps respond to emerging problems and opportunities, as well as prepare for the future.
  • Contributions to a community foundation receive the most favorable tax treatment possible.

A community foundation accumulates assets in charitable funds through a broad base of contributions from the general public and uses these assets to support charitable and public activities that improve the communityís quality of life and meet local needs.
  • Many people form charitable funds within a community foundation to accomplish their civic or charitable objectives.
  • Many people contribute to community foundation charitable funds to accomplish estate and tax planning objectives.
  • Many organizations receive grants and gifts from a community foundationís endowment and charitable funds.

A community foundation is also a collection of endowed funds established by a community consisting of many different types of donors.
  • Individuals, families, businesses, and organizations create permanent charitable funds that help our community meet the challenges of changing times.
  • A foundation is a collection of funds whose assets provide support for many charitable organizations and programs.

The Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine is an accredited public charity.
  • The IRS has determined that the Foundation is a permanent public charity.
  • The Iowa Department of Economic Development has recognized the Foundation as a qualified community foundation.
  • It complies with the standards and practices of the National Council on Foundations.
  • It is audited by certified public accountants and its records are available for public inspection.
  • It publishes and annual report and provides monthly accounting reports to component fund managers.
  • It provides continuity of financial records and accounting to non-profit and charitable organizations.

The Mission of the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine is to actively work to improve the quality of life in Muscatine County through philanthropy.
  • Build a substantial endowment to provide for community needs for generations to come.
  • Serve donors' needs by providing flexible, convenient and cost-effective means to achieve charitable giving goals.
  • Educate the public about charitable giving strategies and encourage inclusion of charitable giving in wills.
  • Promote philanthropy in the service area.
  • Provide a neutral place for collaboration of community improvement initiatives.

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